Kids Zipper Hoodies

Youth Christian Zip Hoodies: Zipped Up in Your Savior’s Love!

If you were to ask, what do you think your child’s favorite part of their birthday celebrations are? Or how about when they gather together with family to celebrate someone else’s birthday on December 25? Christian Strong knows what their answer would have been… presents! Everyone loves to be on the receiving end at gift giving celebrations! No matter if it is their own day of birth or their Creators, the brightly wrapped packages complete with ribbons and bows always seem to produce the most joy! Yet the ultimate gift that anyone could ever receive would never be found wrapped up and under a tree! These youth Christian zip hoodies are part of our line of faith-based fashions for those who have received that ultimate gift: Jesus in their hearts! Our kid’s Christian zipper hoodies are a representation of God’s gift to us believers! We have accepted Jesus Christ into our hearts and have become a part of God’s family. His Son died for all of us sinners! He took our sin as His own! Our Kids Jesus Zip Hoodies are a way your child can show their appreciation of the gift they have received from Him and feel pride in having their Savior in their hearts… and on their sleeves!