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Christian Pop Culture Clothing Apparel

Growing up in the Christian faith isn’t "one size fits all". Many different Christian families have their own views on how to live in the world but not "of the world." Here at Christian Strong, our family upbringings may be quite similar to others. Our parents came from a generation whose faith was built entirely around the church. Any mode of popular culture that was "of the world" needed to be screened and judged to determine if it was viable for consumption. Can you imagine your parents saying no to "Bambi" because of talking animals? We have heard about this first hand. Because of experience like this, the Christian faith and the acceptance of popular culture has always been muddled. There are some who still vilify clearly benign trends as being "of the devil." Christian Strong wants to aid those that are secure in both faith and worldly life. Our Christian pop culture shirts combine the latest trends with biblical and faith based references. These cool Christian shirts are for all those members of the faith that know that not all aspects of popular culture that need to be shunned because of our faith. Some Christians build barriers around things that they feel are too taboo. Yet by condemning something as harmless as Harry Potter, are they really strengthening their relationship with Jesus? No, they are just missing out on a trending piece of culture. Our cool Christian clothing allows you to wear your faith in an updated 21st century fashion. Some of our cool Jesus shirts even made my fully devout grandmother smile. The older generation may not fully accept popular culture, but the connection between faith and imagination needs to be changed. Our Christian pop culture shirts are a start!