Patriotic Sleeveless T-shirts

Christian Patriotic Muscle Tees: Rocking Biceps, the Bible, and the Red, White, and Blue!

Sometimes, the most faithful feel at odds with America. Christian Strong grew up in a strong faith-based family that was also Red, White and Blue through and through! But as times have changed and society has become much more sensitive to being fully inclusive, an outward appreciation of the Christian faith has come under fire. Taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance? Wanting to remove "In God We Trust" from our currency? Being inclusive does not mean getting rid of Christianity from our country’s legacy! Our Christian patriotic sleeveless shirts are part of our line of garments that were designed to blend a love of country and Christ. These patriotic workout shirts pay homage to the Creator while also representing the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue! Some will try to tell you that America is not a Christian country! Yet it is built into the very fabric of our founding. Our Christian patriotic gym shirts would make our founding fathers proud! We could see George Washington donning one of our sleeveless t-shirts as he prepared to take the battlefield against the Redcoats! The founding fathers left England to get away from religious persecution and be free men! And just like them, we can still be both a patriot and a Christian! It is through faith that our patriotism is derived! Rock one of our Christian patriotic muscle tees, raise Old Glory high, and say it loud and proud: We are One Nation Under God… and not the other way around!