Pop Culture Hoodies

Christian Pop Culture Hoodies

One of the facets of the Christian faith is to spread the Word of Our Lord to the world. Christian Strong has taken His message to heart and has built a brand on promoting the Christian values that we have grown up accepting as our own! Yet at times, the strict adherence to all that is deemed Christian conflicts with our modern-day sensibilities. Our Christian pop culture hoodies are part of our line of faith-based garments that were designed with the 21st century in mind. Church is still the place where faith is fostered and exalted. Yet today, it can be harder and harder to relate to the old ancient parables and Bible verses. With all of the modern-day superheroes, it can be hard to care for the ancient Divine counterparts. Our cool Christian hoodies try to meld the two: our faith and love for our Savior mixed with the current trends in popular culture. To some, this blend is sacrilegious yet we never take His Name in vain! With our Christian pop culture hooded sweatshirts, we want all followers to feel comfortable in their faith. To many, Spider-Man is the new hero on the block; the one to look to as an example of all that is good. One of our cool Christian hoodie designs uses the Spider-Man graphic styling to advocate for the Ultimate superhero of all time: “The Amazing Jesus Christ”. This is not sacrilege; it is a devotional homage to His Greatness!