Pop Culture Long Sleeve T-shirts

Christian Long Sleeve Pop Culture Shirts

It is often said that many people wear their hearts on their sleeves. Here at Christian Strong, we understand this clichéd stereotype, but feel it would be better served for a higher purpose. We wish for all of His followers to feel comfortable while wearing their soul on their sleeves. Our Christian long sleeve pop culture shirts are part of our line of garments that offer the 21st century follower faith-based fashion statements for this new generation. For many, Jesus and the Apostles are just as much fantasy as Batman and Wonder Woman! We use the designs on these cool long sleeve Christian shirts to fuse the two opposing realms into some serious saintly style. Instead of advocating for the comic book heroes the Justice League, on one of our Christian long sleeve pop culture shirts, we advocate all to “Join His League”. The styling of this graphic design evokes the comic book reference, but the content is fully derived from His teachings and His love: “To be just and the one who justifies those who have faith! Romans 3:25-26”. This cool long sleeve Christian shirt is just one example of Christian Strong’s mission to promote faith through fashion that utilizes popular trends in culture!