No Headaches.
Raise Funds with No Risk or Upfront Cost.

Raise More Funds

Reach a larger base of supporters faster with our personalized fundraiser pages.

Simple, Fast and Fun

Just approve your design and share your support page.

Improved Unity

Custom apparel inspires a team mentality. We are family!

No Risk - No Worries

No upfront buying and size headaches. We take out the guesswork and eliminate risk.

Success Repeated

This works for thousands of churches and nonprofits year after year.

Spread Good News

Supporters wear and share your message and ministry.

All it takes to start your fundraiser is these 3 easy steps

Initialize a Design 

  • Upload your own image, or have us create a design for you
  • we have experienced graphic artists on staff to help you!
  • You have final approval over all designs

We Create Your Unique Store

  • We work with you to set your sales goals and pricing
  • You choose your garment types, colors, and sizes 1offered
  • You set your campaign time frame

You Promote Your Campaign!

  • Every sale raises more funds
  • Supporters can choose to send a donation
  • Upon campaign conclusion, we create and ship garments from our warehouse