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SKU: 18M165-5000-GOLD-M-SHCS

Life Through Christ T-Shirt

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Key Features:

Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

  •    Preshrunk Jersey Knit - 100% Cotton (Sport Grey & Heathers - Cotton/Poly Blend)
  •    Classic Fit
  •    Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  •    Machine Washable Inside Out
  •    Printed in the USA

Fear is a four letter word. I'm sure that you have heard that many times in your life. With faith fear does not need to be a word at all. Fear of failing or a simple fear of spiders is natural but, with faith we can overcome those fears. Most people in this world fear dying the most. But you don't, you know that living with Christ in your heart means to die with Christ in your heart, which grants you eternal life in the Heavens. Hhow others with this t-shirt that eternal life is granted to those who have faith in God and keep Jesus in their hearts.

No one should be afraid of dying; it is a part of life. It is something that all have done and all will do. This t-shirt is the perfect example of how we can give others the courage to not be afraid. With Christ we live eternally. Our t-shirts are meant to inspire people to not be afraid and to hold their faith in Jesus close to their hearts so eternal life will be granted to them.