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SKU: 33L156-18600-WHT-S-SHCS

Pink Fight Zip Hoodie

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Key Features:

Heavy Blend Zipper Hoodie

  •    50% Cotton 50% Polyester Preshrunk Fleece Knit
  •    Adjustable Drawstring Hood; Metal Zipper
  •    Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  •    Machine Washable Inside Out
  •    Printed in the USA

This kind of fight you may not have seen before. It might be the kind you’re just quite not ready to see. There’s no cage, or ring. No gloves to be found. No guys face to face - ready to rip each other’s heads off. Then what kind of fight is it? It’s the fight against Breast Cancer and it’s just as brutal. All the equipment you’ve seen before is out the window. Pink GarmenNameXX’s and ribbons are put in it's place. One on one’s are over with - it’s Breast Cancer against the world. It’s outnumbered and outmatched. Buy this zipper hoodie and join the fight.

It's time to go out and paint the world pink! We want everyone to go out sporting our zipper hoodies and spreading awareness everywhere. Fighting Breast Cancer is not something simple as getting ready and beating something up, it’s much deeper and complex and requires help. Our Christian zipper hoodies can encourage people to support and help people spread pink and fight against Breast Cancer.