5 Ideas for Charitable Giving at Christmastime

The birth of Jesus may not have the central place in the public square that it deserves during the Christmas season, but the wonderful spirit of giving still makes great impact. This is appropriate, since December 25th is when we celebrate the greatest gift God ever gave the world: His Son, our Savior. Of course, Christians should fully participate in giving to the less fortunate during the holiday season. Some of the best giving doesn’t require money, which means everyone can get in on reaching out to be kind to others. The following are a few of many ways to give others a Merry Christmas


1 & 2-Angel Trees – to Provide Toys for Kids in Need

Angel Tree Christmas is sponsored by Prison Fellowship, and it helps to build relationships between children and a parent who is incarcerated. It also helps to ensure that the kids have a good Christmas. The way it works is that a parent behind bars asks for help giving a Christmas gift to his or her children. Through donations, gifts are delivered to those children on behalf of the parent.

The Salvation Army also has an Angel Tree program that provides toys and new clothing for children of families in need of support. Trees are often placed in shopping malls, churches, and at businesses. Paper angel tags have the first name, age, and gender of a child needing gifts. To participate, you take a name and purchase the clothing and toys for him or her. It’s like adopting a child to provide for at Christmas. The unwrapped gifts are returned to the Angel Tree booth at the designated location.


3-Help at the Local SPCA

If your family is especially concerned about animals, you can get everyone involved in helping them. Buy pet food and cat litter to donate to your local SPCA. Your entire family may be able to volunteer together, doing things such as walking dogs and petting the animals.


4-Send Christmas Cards & More to Soldiers

Many members of the U.S. military are out of the country, and they miss being home at Christmas. You can put together a care box to be sent to soldiers overseas. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to soldiers. When you pay to be a sponsor, you can include a card with your name on it for each package sponsored. Each care package ships for $15, and contains snacks, hygiene items, and other gifts, such as a scarf.


5-Help Neighbors Who Need It

You may not need to turn to an organization, to find someone to contribute to. There may be neighbors or friends you are aware of who need an extra helping hand this year. Whether they are sick, elderly, or unemployed, your family could give them some of the things they need. Have the entire family go together and perhaps even help in the yard or the home.


Be Like Christ this Christmas

Giving is an excellent way to be like Jesus during the season that celebrates His birth. How do you like to spread Christmas joy to those who are less fortunate?



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