5 Reasons God Is Good This Memorial Day

Memorial Day reminds us that God has been good enough to provide brave men and women to defend the U.S.A. We can honor those in the military who died while in service to the country and at the same time celebrate God and his great blessings. Over the holiday weekend, take some time to reflect on these five reasons God is good, all of which also happen to be shirts you can wear to share the Good News on Memorial Day.



Great Christian t-shirts for women and men share the great news about what God has done for us. Jesus saves! He has given us freedom to become the sons and daughters of God. This Jesus Saves t-shirt also shows our patriotic colors and the fact that the USA is right in the middle of the message. We have truly been a favored nation, and it’s because it’s in God we trust.


The True Avenger

Memorial Day weekend is often when big blockbuster movies are showing. Superhero movies never seem to go out of style. This True Avenger t-shirt shows off the truth that our awesome God is the number one hero in our hearts. Name any superhero, actually, and they have nothing on the Almighty. God is always amazing. In fact, He promises that He will work all things together for our good. That sounds like an impossible feat, but all things are possible with God.


Jesus Saved My Life

The message on Memorial Day is simple: Our military members save our country, and they lay down their lives to do it. For Christians, we are constantly aware that Jesus laid down his life for us, too. Because of him, we have eternal life and our lives on earth are filled with hope, joy, and love. A Jesus Saved My Life t-shirt is perfect anytime.


Always Ask for Directions

Thank God, he doesn’t just leave us here to live as Christians without providing everything we need. Through prayer and the entire Bible, we have all the guidance we need. God is great because he leads the way and goes ahead of us in our journey. Share this message of good news by wearing an Always Ask for Directions t-shirt.


Whoever Believes

Wear Whoever Believes has Eternal Life to spread the word that God welcomes everyone into his kingdom. He died for each individual, not just a select few. This type of sacrifice is something we can thank veterans for, as well. They give all, and it benefits everyone in the country.

Why not wear an uplifting shirt about the goodness of God on Memorial Day? Really, anytime is perfect for celebrating all that is good about God and about life in the USA.


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