5 Reasons Jesus is the Perfect Valentine

Jesus Is The Perfect Valentine

If you are looking for love on Valentine’s Day, great news! Someone already loves you more than anyone else ever could.

Jesus left the glory of heaven to be born on the earth and die for our sins. He was resurrected and now sits at the right-hand of the Father.

And yet, He is with us through the Holy Spirit. Jesus has lovely qualities that make him the world’s best Valentine.


5 Reasons Jesus Is Your Perfect Valentine

1.) Jesus is Loving

God is love, which means love is the essence of his character. Being in a relationship with Jesus is amazing because love is behind everything he does. When we trust in him, we can recognize that everything that touches our lives comes through him. He literally acts as a love filter. Even in tough times, we can be confident that the love of Jesus toward us is still firmly in place. He is always up to something for our ultimate good because of his great love for us.

2.) Jesus is a Good Listener

You can always talk to Jesus and be sure He is listening. This is a great quality! You only have to have one date with a self-absorbed person to know that Jesus is a huge improvement. He’s not focused on himself. In fact, he never gave thought to putting himself first when he walked the earth. No matter how tired he was, he listened and fulfilled the requests of multitudes who would find a way to track him down.

3.) Jesus is Fully Committed

Jesus already demonstrated an eternal commitment to us when he suffered and died on the cross. He even admitted that he could have called upon legions of angels to deliver him from abuse and suffering. But he was (and is) all in, and he laid down his life so that we could spend eternity in heaven. He has even called believers as a whole his Bride. So, yeah, he’ll be back.

4.) Jesus is Gentle

Sometimes church experiences make Christianity seem unattractive. People make a huge mistake when they think Christians who act badly represent the nature of Jesus. The fact is that Jesus demonstrated gentleness when he walked the earth. He is kind-hearted. Our hearts and eternities are safe with him.

5.) Jesus is Patient

If you’ve ever been treated with harsh judgment or impatience, you know that it feels just awful. Jesus is nothing like that. He is patient. In spite of our imperfections and repeated failures, his love for us never shilly-shallies in the least.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some may think it’s weird to claim Jesus as your Valentine, but it’s really not strange at all. Valentine’s Day is all about love, and Jesus is pure love! Draw close to him, and it’s enough to give even better warm fuzzies than a sentimental, heart-filled card. After all, the entire Bible can rightly be considered a 66-book love letter.

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