7 Practical Reasons Children are Blessings

The Blessing Of Children

Pregnant women are sometimes thrilled to have a child on the way but sometimes not so much. It’s certainly not convenient to have life growing inside of you; ask any mother. The best thing to focus on during discouraging moments or months, depending on misery level, is the joy only children can bring. A child doesn’t even have to come from your own body or romantic union to provide numerous benefits proving that children are a blessing. Granted, just like in pregnancy, there are times when it’s excruciatingly painful and alternately hilarious to be a parent. For any parent who takes the time and has the clarity to recognize the truth of the matter, the joys of having children are far greater than any avalanche of pain, frustration, embarrassment, or helpless feelings.


7 Reasons Children Are Blessings

1.) Lessons in Humility

Learning humility may not sound like a blessing, but it is. Any human being admired by others has usually demonstrated a measure of selflessness. When you have an infant, it is entirely necessary to forget about yourself and tend to the demanding needs of your tiny one. Babies will literally die without that kind of humble attention. As children grow, they provide countless opportunities to remain humble. For instance, you may have criticized people in restaurants and stores for having a screaming child. Then your child goes through a long season of terrible twos and threes.


2.) It’s Natural to Be More Like a Kid

Growing up and taking on all of the responsibilities involved with acting like an adult notoriously sucks the childlikeness out of a lot of people. A good hint that this is a very bad thing is that the most popular book in history states that a person must become like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven. Children are naturally full of joy as they explore the world they are just coming to know. It rubs off and gives parents permission to relax and join their children in the sense of wonder.


3.) Laugh a Lot More

Parents can learn to stop being so dang serious. Children between the ages of 4 to 6 years old laugh an average of 300 times daily, according to an extensive study by psychologists. Other researchers concluded that adults laugh fewer than 20 times daily! The contrast is staggering. We need children around, if for no other reason than to help us remember to lighten the heck up!


Reasons Children are Blessings Nos. 4 thru 7

There are actually countless benefits to being parents. The following are a few more reasons children are blessings, in brief:

  • Dodging responsibility is a lot harder when you’re a parent. Being a responsible adult leads to such desirable things as prosperity and improved self-esteem.
  • If you are a nurturing parent on any level, there is little question that no one on earth will ever love you more than your children. It’s a whole lot of love.
  • Children have an uncanny way of inspiring us to want to become better people. The example we give is the one they are most likely to follow in their adult lives. Is that a good or a really bad thing?
  • Children are a family legacy. Someday, upon our beds and dying, we feel more as though it’s not the total end of our early influence if we have left behind one or more children.


7 Practical Reasons That Kids Are A Gift

Are you convinced yet?

There are a lot more good things that come from having children. So, even if you get that unwanted news from a pregnancy test, celebrate!

As impossible as it may seem, children truly are, though perhaps in the long run, huge blessings.

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