7 Reasons To Send Your Child To Summer Camp

Summer is halfway gone and your children are hitting that pre-back-to-school blues. It's almost time to go back, but there's still some time to enjoy the dog days of the season. Why not bond them with Jesus through church camp? Check out Christian Strong's Top 7 Reasons To Send Your Child to Church Camp this summer!

children at camp

1.  They can make new friends.
As someone who went to summer camp for 15 years (not church camp, but a summer day camp nonetheless,) each summer I always formed camp friends that I cherished. There was something super cool about meeting kids from the surrounding areas and looking forward to seeing them during the school year.
Each summer, we would meet up at the same camp and spend every day with each other. There is a bond with camp friends that are unlike other friends you make in your childhood. By sending them to church camp, children will bond with their peers over shared interests and activities as well as Jesus!

2.  They will encounter new experiences they won't find every day.
At summer camp, children are pushed to try new things. From activities to new friendships with friends and counselors, there are tons of ways for your children to branch out socially.
Summer camp, particularly sleepaway camp, provide ways for your kids to be pushed outside of their comfort zone. From being away from home for periods of time to conquering a fear of the water, sending your child to church camp will allow them to discover more about themselves and Jesus.

3. It will teach them independence.
Summer camp and sleepaway camp especially provide children with their first time away from home for an elongated period of time. For younger children, this might be difficult, but once they accept the separation, they will love to strive for their independence. For those parents who don't want to leave their children for too long, don't worry - most sleepaway camps offer family days for parents to visit.

4. They can experience the outdoors in a whole new way.
Summer camp is usually outdoors (some may vary.) Whether it's a day camp or a sleepaway camp, you can be sure that they will start to fall in love with the outdoors. Whether it is frog hunting, hiking, rafting, or sports on the field, there are so many activities for your little ones to experience when it comes to nature.

5. They learn new skills.
The camp is full of activities to keep their little lives busy during the summer. Sending your child to summer camp ensures that they will learn something new. The skills they learn are things that they don't learn every day. From archery and multiple sports to arts and crafts and team-building activities, the church camp you choose will be packed with lessons that they'll learn and take with them from that point forward. Who knows, maybe they'll find a new interest when learning something new this summer!

6. They learn about teamwork.
As one of many campers, your child will love to spend time with their peers. They'll be with a camp group most of the time which means they'll have to learn about teamwork. Low ropes courses often work great for team building activities but are just one of many options for them to learn about themselves among a group of people. Teamwork is important for adulthood - so send them to church camp and let them learn this lesson today.

7. They meet new role models.
Your little one will be chaperoned at all times at church camp by none other than their camp counselors. These people are hand-selected to lead your children at camp and keep an eye on them at all times. Children form meaningful relationships with their counselors. As someone who has been a counselor and a camper, both ends of the relationship leave an impact on your heart. Send them off to church camp and experience not only the connection to Jesus but to their counselors as well.

If you're convinced that you can send them to camp this summer or want to plan for the next one, start packing for church camp now with apparel from Christian Strong!

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