A Challenge: Ask God for your Miracle

Challenging Yourself The Christian Way

I think I’ve been delaying a miracle in my life. Just got the referenced miracle, by the way, praise God, but could have probably gotten it sooner.

What I did for a long time was fail to even ask for this heart's desire that seemed as impossible as the miracle of the pyramids.

Have you ever doubted that God would answer a prayer that seemed to require an all-out miracle? Are you currently doing that?

Here’s an encouragement to remember that God does his biggest work in impossible situations. We can trust him to come through for us, though waiting for his timing comes with the breakthrough.


Gideon's Miracle

There are many amazing miracles that happen every day. One place I regularly read about them is in the Bible. The story of Gideon, which is in Judges chapters 6 through 8, is one of my favorites. God decided to bring relief and deliverance to Israel, answering countless desperate prayers. The nation had been beaten down by their enemies, as they were living out the consequences of turning away from God. But, thankfully, his anger is not forever. It was time to change everything, and God chose a humble man named Gideon to take lead in the cause.

Just the fact that Gideon was the chosen instrument tells us that God likes to work through people no one would expect. The man was hiding from enemies when an angel of the Lord showed up, called him a mighty man of valor, and said the Lord was with him. Gideon, who considered himself the least individual in the least of all tribes, was to lead an army to victory against the enemy who suppressed them. God was patient with him and even gave the doubter miraculous signs, per Gideon’s requests.

Then as the story unfolds, Gideon is led by God to narrow an army of 22,000 down to a mere 300 men. They faced a huge army, but there was nothing to worry about. God gave them a supernatural victory, and the men of Israel asked Gideon to rule over them. Gideon was obviously the right person for the job God gave him because his answer was that he would not rule over them but that the Lord would.

Thanks to God’s miracle, the people of Israel went from being defeated beggars to enjoying prosperity and favor again.


What’s your Miracle?

It’s good to ask big things of God. He only answers believing prayers, though, according to James 1:5-8. My challenge to Christians is to start believing while leaving the details of the impossible entirely in God’s hands. This approach, I’ve recently found, results in an abundant outpouring of wonderful blessings. The bigger the miracle you’re believing for, the better. Not only can God handle anything, he is pleased when we are bold enough to ask and believe for what our hearts truly desire.

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