Celebrate National Aunts And Uncles Day With Gratitude!

If you've ever had a godparent or second parent, they're usually your aunt or uncle. Just like our parents, they teach us things that our parents might not necessarily know. Check out our ways to show your auntie or uncle that you love them and you appreciate them!

show gratitude on national aunts and uncles day

  1.  Say One Nice Thing (A compliment, perhaps?)
    What better way to show someone you love them than by making someone smile? Take a page out of our book and give them a compliment or say something nice about them - from their new couch to their new haircut, everyone loves a compliment! Just don't overdo it, okay?
  2. Give Them A Hug
    Show your auntie or uncle some love! Science has proven that giving a hug to someone for more than ten seconds releases endorphins. So cuddle up with your fam and feel happy.
  3. Send Them A Gift
    If you don't live close to your family, this one is easy. Mail out a gift card, certificate, or just a regular card. It's a cheap and easy way to show someone they're thinking of you.
  4. Surprise Them With A Yummy Treat
    Are you good at cooking or baking? Whip up some brownies, cookies, or a cake to show you care. Everything else tastes better when it is made with love and care. Plus, this is another inexpensive way to give them a thoughtful gift.
  5. Treat Them To A Movie
    What's their favorite genre? Do they like action and adventure? Are they more of a romance movie? Even if it's not your favorite, take them out to the movies for a Nicholas Sparks flick or a Vin Diesel blockbuster. The time together, even if it is limited, is sure to mean a lot to them.
  6. Take Them Out To A Yummy Meal
    There's nothing like a good meal and some conversation. You can be sure that you can always show you care about them with some time well spent and a meal well ate.
  7. Learn Something New From Them
    Aunts and Uncles are a part of our upbringing and they teach us messages that we wouldn't ordinarily learn. Whether it's riding a bike, swimming, or any other physical skill, ask them to teach you something new today!
  8. Ask Them To Tell You A Life Story
    On the other side of a physical life skill, they can also teach you emotional lessons. Ask them to tell you stories of their childhood, about lessons learned and debts paid. You'll be grateful you did.

How do you show gratitude to your Aunt and Uncle? Comment below!

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