Christian Beliefs are Mocked…Again, but Alas! Freedom!

Christians Being Mocked Again

Benjamin Glaze, a hopeful on the new American Idol, said that he had never kissed a girl. Then he said that it had to be with someone special he is in relationship with. 

Idol judge Katy Perry then called him to come immediately to her, and she wanted a kiss. He went to kiss her cheek when she turned her face and planted a kiss on his lips – his first kiss.

He responded with grace but was very disappointed that his plan to save that special kiss for his first love was stolen. To me, this is just another example of U.S. culture lacking respect for conservative Christian values.


What’s the Big Deal?

If you check social media on the subject of Christians being disrespected, the opposite viewpoint is practically all you might find. There is a lot of animosity toward taking a stand for Biblical values.

People who don’t know Jesus Christ apparently think religious views are excuses to spew hatred or something.

In the case of Benjamin Glaze, his desire for purity was made a joke of on worldwide television.

The laughter and celebratory nature of the judges’ behavior was a bit sinister, in my view. I plan to carefully avoid watching any of the season’s shows—that’s how disgusted I am.

As many aptly pointed out, what if it had been a 33-year-old man sneaking the first kiss with a teen girl?

The response would have been very different, in this schizophrenic (contradictory) social environment we live in today.

Whether it’s saving oneself in purity for that special someone or using one’s gifts and talents for God’s glory, without compromise, the world’s response is to mock and express little other than contempt.


Freedom to Live According to Conscience

The Bible is now labeled “hate speech” by many groups.

Just because society has changed doesn’t mean believers in Jesus Christ are suddenly wrong about their faith.

The Bible is recognized as the Truth of God, and living by the indwelling Holy Spirit according to the Word is always the right choice.

One of the reasons the United States of America was formed was to allow people to worship God in the way they choose.

The freedom to live according to one’s own moral code is threatened in the U.S., though the current President seems determined to halt that trend. If we keep the faith, we’ll reap wonderful, eternal benefits.

As for Benjamin Glaze, with help from loved ones, came to the conclusion that the Katy Perry kiss didn’t count and he can still realize his dream.

He is again demonstrating amazing Christian character by being gracious in response to a grossly disrespectful act.

With his devotion and attitude, he has a bright future, even though he was eliminated during the tryouts of the singing competition.

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