Jesus and an Astounding Life

Jesus Lived A Powerful Life

We are eternal souls, and we only get to live one life. Why not make it amazing, outstanding, and completely astounding?

To really live radically, there is no better choice you can make than to follow Jesus with your whole heart. He makes life an exhilarating adventure, when you can get past all fears and stop listening to lies of the devil.

No one wants Christians to fail more than Lucifer himself, who got kicked out of heaven and knows what we miss out on by doubting Almighty God.


Jesus Is Fearless

You know how you can be sure it takes courage to live a full-fledged God-focused life? The Bible says not to be afraid 365 times – once for every day of the year. You have to be brave to go against the magnetic pull of the world and all of its enticements. Following after God may mean obedience, but it also ends up giving us the absolute desires of our hearts.

There are plenty of great promises in the Bible to get excited about. But one of the promises is that those who serve God will be persecuted. Obviously, persecution is no fun, but there is promise of great reward when we are persecuted for doing good.

There’s also the thing about the cross. Jesus died an excruciating death on the cross, and He calls us to take up our cross and follow him. Even though we may not have nails driven into us, death is involved in this kind of obedience. What dies is our own self-sufficiency and all kinds of things about ourselves that don’t resemble the character of God at all. He molds us and shapes us to be useful vessels. It’s pretty awesome because we end up being incredibly valuable and can look forward to eternal reward. Just think! The world offers some great stuff, but it’s all as temporary as a puff of smoke. What we earn in heavenly wages is never lost.


High Drama – Happy Ending

Do you have a favorite movie that’s full of suspense, drama, and maybe violence and then it has a happy ending?

These stories on the screen are nothing compared to the real-life adventures lived out by Christians. We get to witness God doing amazing things, even miracles. Ultimately, when we are surrendered to God, He lives out amazing exploits through us.

Getting to that place where we allow God to take the driver’s seat can be as painful as getting pulled through a knothole, so to speak. Once we give Him full trust, there are jaw-dropping adventures to be had.

(Want specifics? You can study the lives of George Mueller and Joyce Meyer, as just two of many examples of astounding lives.)

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