Keep Cool This Summer with Christian Trends  

The hellish summer temperatures usually seen in August have been appearing frequently in June this year, in parts of the U.S. The oppressive heat is enough to sap a person’s strength in minutes, the air being hot enough to practically burn your lungs! For all the things that make us hot this summer, we can lean on Jesus and keep our cool! Wearing the perfect Christian t-shirt is one of the best ways around to chill.


A Cool Christian Witness

It’s always welcome when someone has any icy drink of water for those who are hot and thirsty. Well, the Truths of God can also bring hope to a parched land, so to speak. Our society edits out references to God and positive messages about Christianity from film and television, with rare exception. God and prayer have also been kicked out of schools. People who don’t know about Jesus or don’t attend church may rarely ever see messages about the Good News of Jesus our Savior. Wearing an “All Things are Possible” sleeveless tee can keep a man cool while he’s sharing a wonderful promise with a world that needs to know.


Victoriously Cool Summer Shirt

When life has challenges, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that we are victorious and the devil is toast. Sometimes, it really is obvious that the devil is messing with us, like when we are tempted to compromise. God is the one who gives us refreshing fountains of blessings when we believe his promises. He also empowers us to say, “Not today, Satan,” when some sort of deception tries to steal our joy or disrupt our peace.

Looking Cool at a Baseball Game

It’s baseball season! Cheering on our favorite team at the ballpark is definitely cool. It’s even cooler, though, when we wear a Christian t-shirt like one that says, “Glory be to God!” A comfortable and inspirational cotton tee is cool, whether the ballpark is air conditioned or not.

Spreading the Coolest Message

Arguably, we live in a post-Bible culture, where messages about the love of God are seemingly few and far between. This is if you rule out the messages written throughout nature and in the heavens, proclaiming that we are created by a loving God. Beyond the testimony of nature, Jesus commissioned us to spread the word of God and make disciples. What better cool Christian shirt to wear than one that says Open your Heart, Open your Mind, Open your Bible? It’s like leading folks to the source of spiritual sustenance.


What is Your Favorite Cool Summer Trend?

Even the heat can’t spoil the spirit of summer, when families go on vacation and sports fans cheer on great baseball players. Making it a cool, trendy summer requires little more than drawing near to God and spreading the good news of the gospel by wearing cool Christian t-shirts.



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