Life is Hard but He’ll Be Back

The Hardship Of Christian Life

Even after walking with Jesus for many years, God’s wonderful presence doesn’t erase the fact that life can be hard.

There’s no doubt that being a Christian has meant becoming a person in touch with the joy of knowing Jesus every day.

But we are all still humans going through the human experience, and it can get tough.

Whatever we’re going through, we can ultimately take comfort in knowing that what we have here on earth is not all there is. 

Jesus is coming again, and he’s bringing us to heaven, where there will be no crying, pain, or sorrow.

The following are some of the tough things in life that make heaven a place very much to be desired.


Christian Hardships In Life

Love Hurts

Love is something everyone needs, wants, and longs for.

Ironically, few people truly seek God, who actually is love.

If you’ve ever been in love, you know it is exquisitely wonderful and incomparable to other experiences, since true love never dies.

If you’ve ever loved and lost, you also know that it is a terribly heartbreaking experience.

Adele’s song Someone Like You always reminds me of my first love, who I didn’t marry. The memories are beautiful and painful at the same time.

For the deeply brokenhearted, looking forward to being with God in heaven is a real comfort.

Friends are Too Scarce

For most adults in the U.S., the circle of friends has narrowed to only a couple.

We’ve become self-absorbed as a society.

Values from days gone by are long gone, and most of us live separately instead of in a wonderful sense of community.

One very real situation is that too many of us are wearing sweatpants and staring at screens instead of getting out in the world and interacting with others.

We are left with our loving dogs and cats and, eventually, a funeral that is not well-attended.

Heaven will be way better.

Getting Old Can be Ugly

Our bodies are slowly deteriorating on various levels, no matter how healthy the food we eat.

Body parts, like knees, need replacement. Sagging persists, even if we’re faithful to visit the gym.

Getting old can be glorious, sure, but it usually means a continuous cycle of more of the vitality of youth slipping away.

Staying close to Jesus helps to grease the aching joints, and thinking of heaven and the wondrous hope of eternal reward brings joy.

Thank Heaven

After we come to know Jesus as our Lord and Savior, he keeps us right here so that we can do whatever work he has prepared for us.

Life can get very difficult, and the tough parts do the best at shaping us for that work.

It’s wonderful to know that no matter how impossible things may seem, everything is going to be okay and someday He’ll be back to take us to our forever homes.

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