Ministry Tips for Everyday Living

Ministry Tips For Everyday

At the City of Houston, Texas, Christmas tree-lighting ceremony on Friday night, I got to be part of the ministry of a local Christian radio station.

I was one among five people who “worked” the booth. People would come along and wait in line to spin a cool wheel for a Free Prize! Of course, everyone loves a free prize.

Well, I got to interact with fellow Houstonians for three full hours, and it was wonderful. The best part was when I was suddenly the woman at the wheel. I was like a carnival hawker or something.

What was great about it is that I always hope to let the joy inside of me shine in a way that gives Jesus glory, and I was sharing my spirit of fun.

That’s surely what all of us at the booth accomplished. It’s a great season to find a place of ministry.

Really, though, ministry is something we should all be doing, as Christians, with just the way we live plus much more. Not sure about how to do ministry? The following may help.

Tips for Everyday Ministry

It’s exciting to realize that because the Holy Spirit lives in us, we are God’s hands and feet on the earth. We don’t have to become ministers preaching at the pulpit. We are all in ministry when we live intentionally for God, keeping in mind that He wants us to go into all the world and make disciples. We fulfill that mission in different ways. The following are ideas for everyday life that really anyone could do, to shine the light of Jesus:

  • Look for opportunities to help when other people need it. It could be offering kindness and a moment of levity to a grocery store checker who is obviously having a tough day. Visiting a sick friend, offering a young couple with a new baby a few hours of babysitting, and helping a neighbor carry belongings are all ways to provide a person with needed help.
  • Take the time to acknowledge and be friendly with the people you encounter on a regular basis. From the barista at the coffee shop to the switchboard operator at work to the cafeteria workers and anyone else you come across routinely, give them moments of your time and a listening ear. God cares about every person, and it’s the kind of thing it’s easy to imagine He would do. It could help open hearts to God, as you follow promptings of the Holy Spirit.
  • Be hospitable. In a world where people are living separate lives more and more, it can be a rare thing to simply open your home. I’ll never forget a couple at a lovely church where I used to live. When I was quite new to the church, they invited me and my family to their home for a meal, along with other very pleasant people. It was a tremendous expression of the love of Jesus.

Blessed to Minister

It’s truly a blessing to be involved in ministry. If you haven’t been thinking of life as an ongoing opportunity to reflect Jesus, it’s never too late to start.

There’s no question about it: When a person serves others in a place they are called to minister, it takes life to a higher plane.

But that's just a perk of heartfelt ministry.

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