Of all the Dumb Ways to Die, This is the Dumbest

Death And Christianity

The fascination with death among Americans, even dumb ways to die, is largely thanks to production and programming choices made by makers of movies and video games.

These are the same executives who choose not to provide wholesome entertainment and, in fact, completely leave out positives of Christianity, even though the majority of the population professes to be Christian.

Television shows considered binge-worthy tend to be those with the highest body count, including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Supernatural.

A great public service announcement video series called Dumb Ways to Die went viral a few years back and still gets millions of hits.

The following are some dumb ways to die, and, in the end, learn what the absolute dumbest way to die is.


Dumb Ways to Die

The Dumb Ways to Die series can actually save lives since young viewers probably learn a ton of dangerous things they didn’t know about before.

With parents purportedly spending less time giving their children guidance, they are probably missing out on providing instruction about many everyday dangers.

The following are some dumb ways to die sponsored by Metro Train Melbourne in Australia:

  • Get your toast out with a fork.
  • Use a clothes dryer as a hiding place.
  • Keep a rattlesnake as a pet.
  • Eat a tube of superglue.
  • Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason.
  • Stand on the edge of a train station platform.
  • Poke a grizzly bear with a stick.


When Dying Isn’t Cool

Violence is treated so lightly that society has become desensitized to it. Dying is also viewed without much seriousness. This treatment of something so huge isn’t doing anyone any favors. The reality is that death actually does come to us all. No matter how you leave this world, the dumbest way to die is without knowing God.

Some people might say Jesus died in a dumb way since he had supernatural power to escape the people who crucified him. But his death was the most serious of all since all of our souls depend on it. Jesus made the way to heaven so that when our spirits depart our bodies, we can go to the Kingdom of Heaven and not to hell. The Bible tells us more about hell than it does about heaven, though both are described in detail.

It’s a mistake to look upon death too lightly, especially if it means you don’t look up to God and find your way to him through Christ. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and there is no other. The very dumbest way to die is not in a lethargic zombie attack. The dumbest is to die without accepting the forgiveness of sin and salvation through Jesus.

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