Passing the Trust Test with Jesus at the Big Carnival

Pass The Jesus Trust Test

A bumper sticker read “Let go and let God,” and somehow I knew that was an answer I had been looking for. I was a new Christian with a lot of good intentions but not much fruit-bearing.

Time passed, and I’ve always kept a focus on Jesus and the Bible. After failing the trust test for decades, I have nothing to brag about in my walk with Jesus. But lately things in life have heated up, and things that have always been important to me began to be kind of shaken up and threatened.

As a result, I found myself with no choice but to do what I read on the bumper sticker so, so long ago.

Letting go means just leaving it all in the hands of God, instead of trying to manipulate circumstances.

Wow! What a great discovery. It took a trip to a big annual event to find out how awesome it is to really just relax and leave things to God.


Checklist of What Makes me Happy

Each year, as a youngish, spritely grandmother, I’ve taken two to three grandkids to a big day at a carnival where there is also a big rodeo going on. This started 7 years ago.

Over the years, a checklist developed. On the checklist are the things that I’d get all nervous about and try to make sure they all happen. That way, I would consider the day at the rodeo carnival to be a real success.

One thing that has always happened is that I managed to buy half-price carnival tickets, an early special so that our fun is doubled. Other things on the checklist were completely out of my control:

  • Park close to the transportation tram on the Yellow Lot so the kids can make it and my feet don’t give out on me during the last push at the end of the night (I have plantar fasciitis, but it’s under control with good shoes and not too, too much walking).
  • Make sure the points on the total 300 points on the carnival tickets are accurately deducted.
  • Each child goes home with at least one big carnival prize they love.
  • Everyone stays comfortable, whether it’s too hot in the daytime or uncomfortably cool at night.


I Finally Trusted: What Was Different?

So just a few days ago, I took the sibling brother and sister who have always gone plus their 2-year-old sister. I bought a new stroller, so the toddler would be comfortable and we could carry our supplies easier. That turned out to be a great decision since the little one needed to lay down as opposed to riding in a little umbrella stroller during the entire 8 hours. But that was still me taking a bit of control. The following are the things I gave no thought to, due to recent lessons in trust. Here’s what happened:

  • We parked directly behind the trams on the 2nd row a few steps away! Never parked anywhere close to those trams before.
  • Didn’t count the deductions on tickets, and they seemed to last for an eternity.
  • My oldest grandchild literally won “The Big Prize” on every game he played, which meant we brought home 5 major prizes instead of sweating it out to get at least 2, as usual.
  • Everybody stayed comfy cozy. The small blanket I brought for the baby was perfect, and she stayed happy throughout, except when she was figuring out she couldn't ride the big rides and cried through a spin-the-dragon ride and the flying swings.

Let Go and Let God

Trusting God with every little thing proves just how much He cares. Turns out, he actually goes ahead of us to take care of everything, when we Let Go and Let Him. Praise the Lord!

There’s nothing to worry about. Pffft! Took me long enough to get it.  

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