Real Men Love Jesus

Real Men And The Love Of Jesus Christ

Real men love Jesus, which gives Christian women one more thing to adore about their faith. If a man loves Jesus, he’s going to read the Bible, obey God, and slowly become transformed into His image.

Most people, including unbelievers, recognize that when Jesus walked this earth, he did incredible, beautiful things and changed the world.

Well, a husband who loves Jesus and follows after Him with a sincere heart is going to rock his wife’s world along the way.


“Love Your Wives”

Godly men are instructed to love their wives as Christ loved the church. No greater love has any man than to lay down his life for another, which is what Jesus did for the church. If you think about how much love it took for Jesus to step into human form straight out of heaven and submit to mankind to the point of an excruciating death on a cross, it can totally boggle the mind. This is a husband’s example of how to love his wife? Wow!

Of course, there’s usually no need to die on a cross for one’s wife, but there are plenty of ways to make meaningful sacrifices. As an example, a man with a wife who is a lot happier with a lot of communication will call her during long work days. He at least doesn’t turn calls away or choose not to answer when his wife is on the phone. The point is that it may not be in his nature, but he will sacrifice his comfort and natural preference to keep her happy. That’s pretty romantic!

Be Humble, Like Jesus

Humility and meekness are considered by some to be a weakness, but that is a huge error in judgment. Jesus, for example, had all the power of heaven within his reach and yet he walked humbly among men. He didn’t lord over people to show off His great miracles. He healed the sick and then usually always said to tell no one unless it was to tell a priest. Jesus demonstrates the tremendous strength in humility because it’s strength under control.

Men are stronger than women physically. They are given, by God, the role of head of the household. If a man doesn’t know or understand God’s Word or love Jesus, his strength can easily be used to injure a woman physically and emotionally. It’s so much more wonderful to be married to a man who follows Jesus’ lead.

A Godly Man Prays

A man who loves Jesus knows that God is actually the boss over the home. Such a husband prays to God and gets direction that ultimately shapes him more like the character of Jesus. It’s a powerful thing to be under the covering of a godly man who prays. Any godly woman who experiences it wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.


More Men Like Jesus, Please!

There are a lot of Christian women praying for a real Jesus-loving man. Definitely something worth getting on your knees about.

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