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Jesus Came to Serve and So Does the Waitstaff

Jesus Came to Serve and So Does the Waitstaff

May 21 is National Waitstaff Day, a day created to inspire people to show appreciation to servers, and it’s a great time to remember that Jesus came to serve. The type of service you get at a restaurant can make or break your experience even more than the taste of the food. Waitstaff really are special people, and the number one reason is that they do what Jesus came on earth to do—serve others. Christians can make a difference in the world by serving and appreciating those who se

Why Jesus Ranks #1 as a Survival Strategy

Most adults can relate to the need for some caffeine to get you going in the morning and sometimes to keep you going till bedtime. A day without coffee is probably a day meant to be spent in bed, right? Well, Jesus is really an even better remedy for all the struggles that come with life on earth. Thank God, to realize the survival benefits of Jesus, there is no reason to give up coffee.

The Metaphorical Coffee Connection

When I left God out of the entire morning equation, that was the day of the heartfelt pain and misery and crying of many tears. When I realized I had left off my God-focus, I knew it was no coincidence. It was definitely an epiphany. God is apparently the One who keeps me from falling completely apart.