The Attitude (Not Turkey Leg) Of Thanksgiving

The Attitude Of Thanksgiving

Most agree that controlling caloric intake along with maintaining a balanced diet is usually a sure track toward successful weight control. Fewer people are aware that our internal life has a greater impact on our well-being than eating ice cream has on our hips.

The internal attitude of gratefulness, it turns out, impacts our lives in numerous scientifically proven ways. This shows once again that God knows what He’s talking about, as the One who told us to “give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonian 5:18).”

Thanksgiving, then, as an attitude of life, can do a lot more good than we already knew the holiday by the same name can do harm to our weight-satisfaction status.


Benefits Of A Thankful Heart

Those of us blessed with faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior have every reason to live grateful lives.

Jesus is the doorway to enter into the presence of God, giving us the ability to enjoy heaven on earth. Life isn’t always easy, however. In fact, the Bible says that the faithful will be persecuted.

None of our hardships should cause us to become ungrateful, however. When we maintain a thankful heart, it is pleasing to God and provides us with the following research-proven benefits:

  • Gratitude fosters positive emotions such as optimism and joy. It’s a lot easier to be happy because thankfulness is like a light that drives out the darkness in our psyche and in our souls.
  • People who practice gratitude have lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems, and overall improved well-being and physical health. Part of the reason is that thankful people tend to exercise regularly, which provides better sleep and daily energy and enthusiasm.
  • People who are habitually grateful make greater progress toward their important goals than those who aren’t thankful.

What To Be Thankful About

Just in time for the season of Thanksgiving, why not begin practicing a whole new attitude of gratitude?

This link has a list of things to be grateful for, if you can use help getting a running start.

Jogging, by the way, is actually a good idea, as well, to work on the physical as well as the internal side of Thanksgiving.

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