This Amazing Peace that Only Jesus Gives

This Amazing Peace that Only Jesus Gives


The Peace Of Jesus

A lot of people sit on church pews but, unfortunately, not all of them have truly experienced the peace that passes understanding.

This is a promise that Jesus gave for believers. In this wicked old world where life is sometimes very difficult, God’s supernatural peace provides unmistakable, life-changing experiences.

The Sweet Shelter Of Jesus

He Hushes Our Storms

Jesus famously calmed a storm, as recorded in the Bible in the books of Matthew and Mark. Jesus had already told the disciples, “Let’s go across to the other side of the lake.” Then a terrifying storm rolled in and threatened to kill them all, with the intensity of the wind and waves. Jesus had been napping. The disciples woke him up because they felt they were surely going to perish, and he scolded them for their lack of faith. Then he spoke to the storm in a rebuke, and everything on the water immediately became perfectly calm.

Whereas a churning sea had just been tossing the boat around, now the water was so still, it looked like glass. This is a wonderful analogy for what Jesus does for us. He calms whatever unsettles our spirits. It could be that life has become unbearably hard and we need some peace of mind. That is just the moment when God steps in to make everything more than all right if we call out to him in faith.

A Testimony

The most impossible situation I may have ever faced came just after about a year of one painfully difficult struggle after another. Then I walked outside to get in my car to go to work and my right ankle broke in three places, due to osteoarthritis caused by a calcium deficit I was unaware of. I fell hard at the ankles, which tore a ligament in the left ankle. I was in a new home and a new situation, with no new home church. As I lay in the dewy grass, knowing the right ankle was definitely broken, I wondered how I’d get to work. Panic overwhelmed me, and I didn’t even yet realize I wasn’t going to be able to walk at all for about two months. Except for God being with me, it felt that I was helpless and alone.

That’s when my storm felt like it would drown me for sure. Before a neighbor had even called the ambulance, I lifted my faith to Jesus and believed Him for a miracle. I felt that He had a reason for all that had happened. It was also similar to the time Peter walked on water to Jesus, ironically, since I suddenly couldn’t walk for a while.

I trusted God and everything went as smooth as glass. People helped me for every single need. There was even an incredible woman who drove out of her way to bring me home from work every day after I had healed enough to catch a ride to work, which was quite far away.

Unshakeable Peace

Ever since things got that bad and Jesus came through in miraculous ways, I’ve known that I was safe in every single storm that has come along. Jesus is the answer. Nothing in the world can bring the kind of peace in the midst of chaos that God can give. It’s worth going through a storm to experience supernatural peace and learn such a powerful lesson of faith.

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