Why We Love VBS?

Vacation Bible School has been a summer staple for churches everywhere for many decades, but why? What is that we love so much about VBS?

The answer to that question may lie with the individual you ask.

The fact that it’s all about reaching children with the Good News of the Gospel is evidence enough that motives behind all the effort are good.

VBS provides parents with a welcome summer break. It also gives children who might otherwise be bored an opportunity to share activities with old and new friends. Everyone who works in VBS has the joy of teaming up to present God’s truths to children.

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine what could be a better summer plan than VBS.

Reasons Why We Love VBS

1.) VBS Is The Start Of A Young Christian Journey

A recent study found that 94% of the Christians in the U.S. made their decision to follow Jesus under the age of 18. Obviously, childhood is the prime time when hearts are open to the mystery of the gospel. Maybe it’s because adults start thinking God belongs in the same fairy tale grouping as Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Whatever it is that hinders adults from turning from their sins and toward Jesus is obviously quite a hurdle to overcome. What this all means is that VBS is a crucial evangelistic tool.

When Jesus returned to be with his Father in heaven, he told us to go and make disciples. VBS is the start of the important journey of discipleship for children everywhere.


2.) VBS Brings The Children To The Father

It’s wonderful when children go to VBS and find out that Almighty God desires to have a relationship with them. He’s not a religion. He’s a Person, and he calls us into a family of faith.

Statistics show that 1 out of 3 children live without their biological father in the home. The absence of a father is known to impact children in tragic ways. For instance, children with no father at home are more likely to have behavioral problems, experience abuse and neglect, abuse drugs, commit crime, drop out of school, and go to prison.

Children who learn that God is their heavenly Father can grow to find comfort in that relationship. Becoming a child of God can keep them on track for a happy, fulfilled life free of addiction and criminal tendencies.

3.) Children Receive Jesus' Gifts

Authorities say children and teenagers are more stressed out now than they have ever been. Factors include such things as a distraction with online devices, texting, family issues, being bullied, and worrying about expectations in school.

VBS can be an antidote for these problems, as well, since it can introduce children to the Bible. There are many tremendous promises in the Bible, including when Jesus said, “I am leaving you with a gift— peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” John 14:27 New Living Translation.


Reasons To Love Vacation Bible School

A lot of things may be going out of style in our ever-changing society, but let’s hope VBS is here to stay. The benefits are too great, and there is too much to love about VBS to ever want to see it go the way of the dinosaurs.

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