35 Ways To Keep The Christ In Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you couldn't be more excited! Ringing in Jesus' birthday every year often comes with stress, so take these tips and keep the Christ in Christmas this year to give even more love to Jesus Christ on his birthday!

put the christ in christmas nativity scene

1. Put up a white stocking in your house and fill it with good deeds. Let visitors and family pull from it to give back to their community.

2. Donate to charity & give back from the animal shelter to the homeless shelter and give a lot instead of getting it.

3. Volunteer in your neighborhood. 

4. Donate toys, food, clothes, and more to your local drives.

5. Keep free food and drink out for delivery people.

6. Decorate your home or yard with a Nativity scene.

7. Participate in or support your church Christmas play.

8. Study scriptures for Jesus Christ.

9. Go Christmas Carolling at the nursing home or hospital.

10. Get ornaments and decorate them with the 25 names of Christ.

11. Give God a present for his birthday.

12. Write Christmas letters to a missionary or soldier.

13. Send out Christmas cards with a Christian message.

14. Light Advent candles.

15. Countdown to Christmas with a religious advent calendar.

16. Make a birthday cake for Jesus Christ.

17. Buy Christian ornaments.

18. Buy from small businesses instead of going to the mall.

19. Listen to Christian Christmas music.

20. Pray with friends.

21. Bring a friend to church.

22. Invite someone to dinner, like a widower or someones less fortunate.

23. Throw Jesus Christ a birthday party.

24. Go to a Christmas concert.

25. Teach kids the meaning of Christmas.

26. Decorate your home with Christian decor.

27. Teach symbolism of the candy cane.

28. Prepare your heart for Jesus Christ.

29. Read Christian books for yourself and your children.

30. Give thanks to Jesus Christ.

31. Explain the Christian symbolism of food.

32. Laugh and experience joy.

33. Watch Christmas movies.

34. Spend time with family.

35. Relax - be less busy this Christmas and enjoy!


Try any of these tips and let us know if you feel even closer to Jesus Christ than ever before!

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