4 Great Activities for Christian Fun in Winter Snow

Even the warmest areas of the country are getting a solid dose of winter in the next few days, thanks to an arctic blast. It’s a great opportunity to have winter fun, something many scriptures indicate God smiles upon. In Ecclesiastes 3:4, we find that there is a time to laugh and a time to dance. Having fun in snow seems to fit with having a glad heart (Proverbs 15:13). Below are some winter activities ideal for young and young-at-heart Christians.


1-Have a Snowball Fight

People in the Deep South are even expected to have a significant amount of snow this week. For many people, it will be their first time to see glistening snowflakes firsthand. The best thing to do with fresh-fallen snow is get into a good old-fashioned snowball fight. Of course, they shouldn’t be hardened snowballs, since we don’t want to knock anyone’s teeth out of their mouth. The best temperature for making snowballs is 32 degrees F because they can be shaped but aren’t too slushy. The following are tips for making the perfect snowball:

  • Wear waterproof gloves, rather than mittens.
  • Fill your cupped hands with snow.
  • Rotate your hands and bring them together with gradually increasing pressure, to shape the snowball.
  • When the snow is no longer pliable, your snowball is complete.
  • Stack your snowballs, for a supply of ammunition.

A few cautionary words: Do not throw snowballs at vehicles. Before starting a snowball fight, settle on a word or words, such as “apple cider,” that players can call out if they become injured. If anyone uses the code words, stop the snowball fight immediately and get needed assistance.


2-Build a Snowman

Of course, building a snowman is one of the ultimate ways to enjoy snow. Get well bundled up, put on waterproof mittens or gloves, and you’re set to create your own snowman. If this is something you’ve been looking forward to, you may even have some accessories ready to go, such as button eyes, a carrot for a nose, an old scarf, and the perfect sticks for arms. Get creative! There are countless ways to make a snowman unique. More than anything else, though, have fun and take pictures!


3-Go Sledding

You don’t have to use an actual sled to have fun sledding on a snowy day. A large garbage can lid will do. Find a slope that’s safe to sled down, and have a blast. Just make sure the end of the slope doesn’t lead to a street or any type of thoroughfare. Even a tiny bump of a hill is enough to make sledding a blast.


4-Shovel Snow for a Neighbor

Doing nice things for others is exactly what Jesus did when he walked the earth, and it’s a habit every Christian should develop. With the snowy weather making a mess of sidewalks and driveways, snow-shoveling is needed. Is there anyone you know who could use a helping hand? Shovel snow for an elderly or disabled person or maybe a single mother. It’s also a good deed to shovel snow at your own home.


What Would Jesus Do in Snowy Weather?

Have you ever pictured Jesus in a snowy scene? Even though Christmas is his birthday, we only typically see him in places that appear to have mild weather (stormy seas excluded). The way He loves children, it’s easy to imagine he would enjoy watching them frolic in the snow. What will you do in the cold weather that’s fun and makes you feel closer to Jesus? How about wear a WWJD Christian hoodie to stay warm? Spread a positive message in a cozy hoodie that says, “Christianity is not a religion. It’s a relationship.” All great ideas? Whatever you do, stay warm and enjoy!



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