4th Of July Christian Songs For Your Independence Day Playlist

Before you know it, 4th of July will be here. It will be another fine day to celebrate the United States of America! No matter how you celebrate, keep the music playing in the background with our 4th of July playlist. Featuring your favorite songs, enjoy anthems that will celebrate America and Jesus all together!

 Family is great when Jesus and America are together.

"This Land Is Your Land" By Woody Guthrie
While this American folk song remains timeless, just like the Bible, it is up to the interpretation of the listener. Originally, Guthrie wrote this song to tune out Kate Smith's "God Bless America" and add some flair to the mix. While written sarcastically, this song remains a tune that children and adults will always know the words to. You can take Jesus with you this 4th of July with this song that remains just as timeless as Christ himself.
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"Heal Our Land" By Wayne Watson
Wayne Watson is a pioneer in contemporary Christian music, so it's no wonder why he made this list. His tunes have topped the Christian music charts with ease and his song "heal our land" was no different. This song, about the strength God has on America, immediately resonated with audiences. Just like Jesus extends his hand to everyone, Wayne Watson's music relates to all Christian Americans.  

"My World Needs You" By Kirk Franklin
Kirk Franklin is a big name in Christian music. While the world is split into political turmoil in the USA (though we are proud to be American) we can always count on the lord to bring us together. Kirk invites Jesus Christ into our world to offer guidance to those who need it. The United States can use Jesus Christ to guide them through - most of us do. Our country may not always agree on much but we can agree on the passion and love that the lord brings.

"There She Stands" By Michael Smith
While at first listen, Michael Smith might be crooning about a beautiful woman, take a listen to these words again this 4th of July. If you haven't guessed, it is the American flag that Smith sings about. "We've seen her flying torn and tattered/we've seen her stand the test of time," sings the talented musician. The American Flag has been a symbol of hope for the American people just as Jesus has remained a symbol of stability for millions and billions of Christians.
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Medley By Anthem Lights
Alan Powell, Joey Stamper, Caleb Grimm, and Chad Graham make up Christian Band Anthem Lights based out of the birthplace of music - Nashville. While not a Christian song, this band gives their take on American classics - which we know is based in the faith of Jesus Christ. Not only can you carry your love for your religion with you this holiday, but you can discover this cool new band, too.

Faith Of Our Fathers, Classic Hymn 
Even though this has been covered by many people - even probably by your own church choir, this song had to make the list for the 4th of July celebrations. This song discusses the strength and resilience needed from God to persevere in Faith. Just like Jesus had to fight for his beliefs, of course, our Founding Fathers of this country and colonial Americans had to fight for their independence to give us this glorious day. Rejoice in faith and pride for the USA with this timeless hymn.

Freedom By Darrell Evans
Darrel Evans is well immersed in the world of Christian faith and worship music. Why should you add his tune and/or album "Freedom" to your BBQ playlist? Because of the name of course! Evans sings, "Where In The Spirit Of The Lord/There Is Freedom" and while indeed there is freedom in the spirit of God, there is also freedom in the United States of America. Proud American Christians will love the links from Jesus to July 4th, the day where we reflect on the liberties of this great country.

"God Bless America" Written By Irving Berlin and Famously Sung By Kate Smith
Originally debuted in the 1930s by Kate Smith, this song is an American classic. Naturally, the title can tell you all you need to know about the nation's relation to Jesus Christ and Christianity, but if you look at the lyrics, you can find a closer connection to this song, America, and God. "Stand Beside Her And Guide Her/Through The Night With A Light From Above," asks God to guide our beautiful nation to be the best it can be. Only with Jesus' help can the nation get to its beauty and grace that defines a country like the USA. Put this on your playlist for inspiration and USA pride!



Have a favorite 4th of July or Christian tune? Comment below!

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