5 Cool Things About Being Christian

The coolest things about being a Christian can change, depending on what’s going on in your life at a particular moment. When a person initially comes to know Jesus, for instance, the 1st coolest thing is the way God makes himself obviously real in countless ways to the new believer. It would take a miracle for coincidences to continually spell out the same message about the reality of a loving God, day after day. Instead, the miracle is that invisible, Almighty God celebrates in heaven in the presence of angels when a soul is saved (Luke 15:10), and he nurtures new believers. That’s so cool, and the following are more of the reasons it’s awesome to be a Christian.


2nd-God Fills Us with Peace

Every day plus in the most unlikely times, Christians can experience the peace of God. As a person who didn’t go to church or knowing anything about God growing up, the difference made when I became a believer was huge. I never had any peace at all for the first 21 years of life. Since coming to know Jesus, peace has been a mainstay. Sometimes I’ve gotten my eyes off of God during a troubling time, and I’ve temporarily lost that wonderful peace. When I simply turned back to God in prayer and yielded to him with a heart of faith and trust, the peace fully returned. What a rush!


3rd-God Answers Prayers

The earthly equivalent of having a God who answers our prayers would probably be a rich daddy who fulfills our every wish for things. There’s no comparing the two! First of all, “things” don’t bring true contentment or fulfillment. Things just end up in the garbage dump someday. Instead, God listens to our prayers and answers them, but not because we think of him as a genie in a bottle. Because we are filled with the Holy Spirit, our desires begin to line up with God’s desires for us. It probably seems goofy to others, but there is deep joy in living out the Christian life. We find ourselves praying for others and not just ourselves. As part of various prayer groups through the years, I can say God answers prayers in miraculous ways. Fervent prayers accompanied by fasting are the most potent.


4th-God Fulfills our Desires

Ultimately, our desires are fulfilled, if we make it a practice to take joy in Jesus. It’s just as God says in the Bible: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart” (NKJV).  We have no need to pray selfish prayers, since we’ve already been promised the desires of our heart, if we will delight ourselves in the Lord.


5th-The Worst Times are the Best

As a young Christian, I got hold of the Biblical truth that we are supposed to rejoice in fiery trials, found in 1 Peter 4:12-19. Blessed with the gift of faith from God, I have known in my heart something wonderful was ahead, no matter how painful my trials. The result has been that God has upheld me, as though in an other-worldly dream, in times when misery would have crushed me, without Him. 

What are the coolest things about being a Christian, in your experience?

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