5 Great April Fools’ Day Pranks


April Fools’ Day is an unofficial day of hoaxes and pranks, and it had its beginning in the Catholic Church. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII sent out a decree ordering that a standardized calendar called the Gregorian calendar should be adopted by all Christian nations. The Gregorian calendar moved the first day of the new year to January, whereas before it was the end of March. Anyone who was ignorant of the new tradition or chose not to observe the new year in January was mocked as an April fool.

This wasn’t an intentional setup, but it has inspired countless pranks and practical jokes, most of which are done in the spirit of fun. You can get in on the entertainment of April Fools’ Day with any of the harmless though slightly mean and potentially hilarious pranks below.



1-Pull, Don’t Push

On a door that can be opened only by pushing it, add a professional looking sign that reads “PULL only please.” Due to psychology that causes us to defy logic when we read a sign, many people will keep on pulling long after it’s evident that the door can’t be pulled open.



2-Bluetooth Prank Someone

Hide a small, inconspicuous Bluetooth speaker somewhere around your target’s desk. Occasionally, from where you are, which could be pretty far away, send various sounds to the speaker. You could send scary ghost sounds, dialogue from a movie they love, funny songs, or messages you’ve recorded just for them.



3-Someone’s Watching You!

On a much-used printer, tape a photo of a famous theologian underneath the printer cover. The photo could be of Calvin, Luther, or Pope Francis. If anyone makes a copy that leaves too much white space, their photocopy will show a theologian looking at them. This could go on for a while before the source of the image is discovered.



4-Make Caramel Onions

If you’d like to create an elaborate prank that disappoints a lot of people, use a caramel apple recipe and make everyone in your office caramel onions. Don’t cut into the onions when skinning them, since the smell would be a dead giveaway. Set out the caramel onions and then eat a real caramel apple in front of them, to trick their minds.



5-Cream Cheese Deodorant

A brilliant prank that should probably not be played on a person with a bad temper is the cream cheese deodorant prank. Secretly borrow their deodorant and twist it until about two inches are showing. Remove the deodorant using a spoon and then replace it with cream cheese. Shape and mold it carefully with your hands. Make sure it looks like the deodorant looked. The prank victim won’t suspect a thing if you do well, and they’ll start rolling cream cheese on their armpits, followed by disgust and possible screaming.



Free Pass for Playing Pranks

The best thing about April Fools’ Day is that no one can fault you for pranking them on that one day per year. Have fun with it! Maybe the best thing about the day is it gets us thinking about ways to make harmless mischief, probably resulting in a lot more laughter than usual.

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