What Do Jesus and Charlie the Tuna have in Common?


April 6 is National Sorry Charlie Day and a perfect opportunity to point out that rejection isn’t always a bad thing. The mascot of this national day is Charlie the Tuna, a cool fish who was repeatedly rejected by SunKist. As a result, he didn’t have to die right away to become canned tuna. Jesus was rejected and died on the cross, making it possible for us to never die! If you’ve experienced the pain of rejection, you know it can hurt. You may not have realized, however, that rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t awesome. The best possible proof of that is the fact that Jesus, the most amazing person who ever walked the earth, was rejected.


Top Great Things About Jesus

Most people know that Jesus was the baby born in a manger whose birth is celebrated every Christmas. The following are some of the most wonderful things about Jesus and what he did on earth.


He Sacrificed Everything

Jesus laid down his life so that our sins could be covered. The sacrifices Jesus made didn’t start on the cross. Just coming to earth to be born meant that he had to leave heaven to be born of a Mary, a “mere” human being. He laid down deity to be raised by a flesh-and-blood mom as well as stepdad, Joseph. Once Jesus got here, he obeyed God’s plan and ultimately allowed himself to be crucified, though he could have easily been rescued (Matthew 26:53).

If you’ve never learned anything about what crucifixion involves, it may not be possible to understand the depth of sacrifice Jesus made. Crucifixion was a way of death invented to inflict the most possible pain on a person’s process of dying. Having never sinned, Jesus withstood all of that pain, but it wasn’t even the worst of it.

While on the cross, Jesus took the sins of the world upon himself. As a result, God the Father turned away. This taking on of the most hated thing—sin—and this separation from the Father were, no doubt, even more painful than crucifixion.


He Made Whole All who Touched His Garment

Jesus was filled will all the power of heaven. When believing people went to Jesus for healing, they received healing 100% of the time. Dead people were even brought to life by Jesus. It says in Mark 6:56b:

“They begged him to let the sick touch at least the fringe of his robe, and all who touched him were healed.” (New Living Translation)



Jesus Loves Little Children

Jesus instructed that children should be protected, and he revealed that it requires a childlikeness to enter the kingdom of heaven. When disciples tried to send children away, Jesus told them,

"Let the children come to me. Don't stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children."


He Spoke the Truth

It appears that the only groups Jesus fussed at in face-to-face encounters were those comprised of religious hypocrites. The religious leaders of the Sadducees and Pharisees kept close watch on him, but it was because they were trying to trap him and get rid of him. Jesus was merciful toward sinners but his words were pure truth—nothing was watered down to make people comfortable. God desires that every person escape the wrath to come, and that’s why he spoke of sinful behaviors that would not enter heaven. His powerful words came across with great authority then, and they still do now.


What Came After Rejection?

Of course, after Charlie the Tuna was rejected by StarKist, he went on to become a very popular, famous fish. Jesus came to life after three days in the tomb, and he became the eternal Savior of the world. Remember these things next time you’re rejected. Greater things can be ahead.

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