Fall Activities You Can Do At Church

Fall is here and we could be more excited! We are so blessed to be able to experience the seasons. From the cold winters to the beautiful foliage of the fall, life is beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. If you're anything like us, you can experience the seasons with the help of Christian Strong.

fall activities you can do at church

Check out our list of fun fall activities you can do at church!

1. Hold a Fall Festival
Just like the church summer carnival, this will raise money towards the ministry and the church itself. Plus, the whole family can enjoy rides, games, and bobbing for apples.

2. Arts And Crafts
No matter the fall month, you can create great fall crafts. From pumpkin painting to wreaths to Halloween treats to hand turkeys, there are a ton of options for all ages.

3.  Tricky Tray
Have a fall-themed tricky tray dinner and let everyone come with something harvest themed. Serve caramel kettle corn, caramel apples, candy, and more to make it super festive.

4. Set Up Corn Hole
You don't need a beer to play this fun game that originated on a farm. Get a corn hole set, grab your bean bags, and get shooting! Give out prizes to the winners.

5.  Fall Festival Puppet Show
Tell the story of Thanksgiving or Halloween with a puppet show that all kids will love! Get creative and make your own story for a fun twist.

6. Karaoke/Talent Show
Let kids perform their favorite songs and dances. Everyone will love the adorable performances.

7. Petting Zoo or Pony Rides
Kids and adults love animals! Bring in an outside company to come and be a part of your welcome to the season.

8. Costume Parade
Let kids dress up and celebrate Halloween or just any regular day with a parade around the church for all to see!

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