How To Spread Love And Kindness To Others

 On July 11, you might notice that people are acting kinder than usual (except if you live in the south because everyone is super nice.) Do you know why? July 11 is National Cheer Up The Lonely Day! Do you want to participate? As Christians, the Bible does encourage kindness (Colossians and Corinthians, anyone?)

spread faith and hope to others through kindness!

If you're looking for a way to get in the spirit, check out our tips below for how Christians can get involved and spread kindness, even more, this year!

1. Buy a coffee for the person behind you in the Drive-Thru.
Or pay for their breakfast sandwich, French friends, or anything! This small act of kindness will go a long way. It's a way to make someone smile and to cheer up anyone who might be lonely!

2. Donate to a charity like the Ronald McDonald house. 
The Ronald McDonald House is a charity foundation that houses children with illnesses and their families as they go through treatments at hospitals nearby. Donating and even visiting a charity like this one will cheer up kids (or dogs, cats, etc.) throughout the country.

3. Clean out your pantry.
Cheer up those in need by donating to the food bank in your county or town. Grab a few items that are non-perishable and not expired in your pantry and see how one act of kindness can cheer up the lonely and downtrod.

4. Compliment someone.
You never know who could use a compliment. Cheering up the lonely is as simple as saying something about their personality, t-shirt, or hair!

5. Put money in someone's parking meter.
When someone's lonely, they're sometimes sad, so kindness goes hand in hand with this "holiday."

6. Send a thinking of you text.
Nothing makes a lonely person smile more than letting them know you're thinking of them. You can even send it to a few people - a little bit of kindness makes your friend or family member feel a lot less lonely.

7. Watch a funny video.
From vine compilations to people falling on ice, there are tons of videos on the internet to make you smile. Why not cheer up a lonely person with some belly laughs?

8. Keep it trending on social media.
If it's not trending already, #nationalcheerupthelonelyday should be trending on Twitter. Make it a trend and spread the word through social media.

9. Mail a handwritten letter.
Instead of sending a text (see number 6) write it down! Send a handwritten letter to someone you love that may be feeling lonely and down. You can always have support for those who are lonely by showing them you took the time to write them a hand-written letter - in 2019!

10. Go to a comedy show. 
When it comes to cheering someone up, this is a pretty good option. Check out your local comedy club for your favorite comedians that will provide your lonely pal with some belly laughs. 

What is your favorite way to cheer up someone who is lonely? Comment below and be sure to share your stories of blessed kindness with us at Christian Strong.

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