The Best Vacation Spots For Christians

Summertime and the living's easy, as they say! With the warm weather and the kids' time off from school, there's going to be some possible free time on your hands. What better way to bond with friends, family, and God than with a nice vacation? You deserve it! Choose from one of our picks for the top Christian Getaway spots in the United States and start planning! We'll see you when you get back. 

best christian vacation spots

1. Orlando, Florida
The Holy Land Experience
You didn't think the town that has the house of mouse would have Christian links, did you? However, this city is full of wonders. If you want to get away but still go to the other theme parks, you can connect with God by going to this interactive experience. This is the perfect place for families, where children can witness the stories of the bible live and in person. From interactive theater to educational exhibits, you can remind your children that God is everywhere - even on vacation. 
A 2,000 seat church auditorium and an adventure land are just two of the many attractions this Christian "theme park" houses. Children and adults will enjoy a day full of things to do. With so many hotels at your disposal, this makes for the perfect vacation spot if you're looking to connect even closer with God.

2. Petersburg, KY
The Creation Museum
Just like the Holy Land Experience but even MORE educational, this attraction in a small town in Kentucky attracts thousands each year. Step inside the Creation Museum and experience a zoo, planetarium, adventure course, stunning biblical history exhibits, and more! If you were ever looking for a museum that has literally everything you could want - this is it! 
From religion to education on just about every type of creation based science subject you can imagine (can you say dinosaurs!), you'll find education and interaction in every corner for the whole family. There are even hotels with discounts for the museum, so grab the whole family and get down to Kentucky soon!

3. Christian Cruise (Varies)
Inspiration Cruises
Inspiration Cruises is a cruise company that focuses on the connection to God and the connection to those who also feel connected to God. While they offer international cruises to holy places such as Israel, staying in the United States is an option for those interested in cruising to Alaska. 
Face the wilderness and come close to nature to make a special connection with Jesus. By being in an isolated and beautiful place such as Juneau or Sitka and listening to special Christian guest speakers, you'll feel rejuvenated and refreshed upon your return from your spiritual journey.

4. Washington, DC
Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
As the first Catholic Church in Washington, DC, the Immaculate Conception Church, this landmark and place hold a historical significance that most don't know about. If you're already in DC to explore the history of America, why not explore a piece of religious history, too? 
It goes without saying that you'll feel connected to God on this vacation if you even just set foot in this church. Spend time browsing the architecture, sitting in on the congregation, and exploring this unique American city. There are tons of things to do and tons of places to stay depending on your preferences!

5. Garden Grove, CA
Christ Cathedral
Vacation is all about being outdoors, so vacationing in Garden Grove, California, is your best bet for a way to enjoy fun in the sun and pray all day. However, this congregation isn't just your neighborhood church. Their service is trilingual, they have an arboretum, and it has a very rich history.
Staying nearby ensures summertime fun with God and nearby attractions for the family. It's only a ten-minute drive from Disney's California Adventure! There's a ton of places to stay. Even if you decide to make it a Disney vacation, God can be with you every step of the way!

6. Gatlinburg, TN
Christ In The Smokies
Looking for an adventure in the Smokies? This vacation spot is perfect for Christians because it's tucked away in a small town of Gatlinburg. Just like it's Orlando cousin, experience life-like Bible scenes of their favorite stories. With special effects and music, this is the perfect educational and interactive experience for families. Children can learn and connect while parents can relax and feel one with Jesus Christ on a whole other level.
You'll walk through this museum and garden tucked in the Smokey Mountains and see Jesus Christ and your other Biblical characters like never before. With a national park nearby and tons of woodsy lodges to stay in, this getaway is a year-round adventure to feel a new connection to God.

7. Salt Lake City, UT
Temple Square
Located on 35 acres, the Historic Temple Square in the center of Utah's cultural activity is a beautiful one. With a ton to do, you can take a tour of this center for culture and history. Learn about the construction of the temple itself and the history behind it. Experience the Tabernacle Choir, explore genealogy at the family history library, and so much more! Bonus: Since Salt Lake City is a huge place, there's tons more to do and even more places to stay!

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