The Best Religious Charities To Donate To

As a Christian, it is in your DNA to give back to your community. From donating at church, contributing to a clothing drive, or pitching in for a food drive, there are truly tons of ways to give back! Check out a list of the top Christian and Religious charities to give back to.

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1. Advancing Native Missions
Preaching God's word isn't just limited to our side of the world - in fact, you can join in God's mission of preaching the gospel.  Local ministries go through this charity to care for orphans, train pastors, and provide other services to communities that need God. The best part - you don't have to travel, you can donate on their website.

2. The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army is known for its storefronts across the country. With a mission statement that gets its roots from the bible, they make sure that human needs are met all over the world. When a natural disaster hits, you can count on the Salvation Army to provide clothing and food for those in need.

3. Food For The Poor
With clergymen at the head of this organization, Foor For The Poor provides necessary food, shelter, and medicine to those in poor Latin American and Caribbean countries who need it. With the assistance provided by churches, they aim to provide the care these people otherwise cannot afford. Plus, their street feeding program in Jamaica partners with Salvation Army!

4. Samaritan's Purse
"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself" is the rule that Samaritan's Purse follows when it comes to their mission. Those suffering from ailments related to poverty, natural disaster, diseases, and famine lean on the medical assistance that Samaritan's Purse provides. 

5. Compassion International
Compassion International makes kids their mission. The service provides support to orphans in many different countries overseas. From the UK to France to Australia, counties all over the world have donated and joined forces for this cause.

6. Lutheran World Relief
When a natural disaster occurs, it's Lutheran World Relief that steps in. After World War II, this organization decided its work to sending food and clothing to refugees. They incorporate their three program areas to contribute to their mission - agriculture, climate, and emergency operations combine to form a charity that has existed for decades.

7. Catholic Relief Services
Breaking the poverty cycle is a hard job, but Catholic Relief Services is willing to give it a try. With 5,000 employees worldwide, they focus on providing relief in emergency situations. You can contribute to their mission currently to help victims of Hurrican Dorian.

8. Children's Hunger Fund
Children around the world are starving and everyone can help. You can volunteer by packing food to be distributed around the world, delivering packages of food, and giving whatever you can. Providing food and hope found in the gospel of Christ provides a mission that everyone can get behind.

Do you have any more suggestions for Christian charities and missions that everyone can join in on? Comment below!

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