The Best Christian College Colors (And Schools!)

August 26 was college colors day. With college sports and academics being so big in America, check out Christian Strong's top picks (in no particular order) for Christian Colleges in the United States!

college christian colors

Emory University
Atlanta, Georgia
Colors: Blue and Gold
Emory University was founded as a Methodist university, so it's no wonder that this made the list. With a ton of renowned athletics surrounded by a classic southern campus, this is the perfect option for a well-rounded student.

Davidson College
Davidson, North Carolina
Colors: Black And Red
This small liberal arts college offers religious organizations to spread your love for Christ with others. Plus, the small student body allows for small class sizes.

Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX
Colors: Blue and Red
This college was founded by the methodist church as well! Now, with more Catholics than methodists, the college plays host to almost 12,000 students in total.

St. Olaf College
Northfield, MN
Colors: Black and Gold
St. Olaf College is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Classes in biblical and theological studies are required upon graduation of the college.

University Of Tulsa
Tulsa, OK
Colors: Royal Blue, Old Gold, Crimson
With Presbyterian roots, this country college has roots it's proud of. While it plays host to Christians, it also has a mosque and a Hillel. If you're interested in going to a college that is open-minded to all, put your faith in the University of Tulsa.

Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX
Colors: Purple and White
Texas Christian University offers tons of student ministries for involvement in many different religious organizations. TCU also offers interfaith living in their dorms, so students can open their minds to living alongside people of a different faith than them to encourage diversity and different lifestyles.

Wheaton College
Colors: Blue and Orange
Wheaton, IL
This tiny liberal arts school plays host to a total of 2,800 students. Priding itself on its balance between academics and faith, students can keep their religious commitments on par with their schoolwork!

Pepperdine University
Colors: Blue and Orange
Malibu, CA
With a good selection of celebrities that are alumni of the school, you wouldn't think that this university would be associated with the Churches of Christ, but you'd be wrong in thinking that. With a great balance of athletics and academics, well-rounded Christians will take a liking to this California college.

Swanee: The University Of The South
Sewanee, TN
Colors: Purple And Gold
This beautiful southern school is known for its gorgeous campus and its affiliation with the episcopal church. Theology and religious organizations are heavily featured throughout this college's past and present history.

Baylor University
Waco, TX
Colors: Green and Gold
While no longer affiliated with the baptist church, Baylor has a rich history of collegiate church hood. This, combined with its large student population, makes it the perfect place for just about any religion, Christianity included.

Indiana Wesleyan University
Marion, Indiana
Colors: Grey and Red
Housing over 10,000 students on all of their campuses, Indiana Wesleyan University is the largest private university in the state of Indiana. Plus, they have a large focus on theological studies, offering degrees in religion. With student identifying with over 80 Christian denominations, it's no wonder this school made the list.

Grand Canyon University
Pheonix, AZ
Colors: Black, Purple, and White
Grand Canyon University is the largest Christian college in the world, playing host to 90,500 total students between its on-campus and online numbers. 

Houston Baptist University
Houston, TX
Colors: Blue, Orange, and Royal Blue
Houston Baptist provides students with separate gender housing only, installing Christian ideals from the minute they arrive onto campus. Students are required to accumulate worship credits upon the completion of their degree at the school.

MidAmerica Nazarene University
Olathe, KS
Colors: White, Blue, Red
Associated with the Church Of The Nazarene, this school gets financially backed by the church itself. Chapel services are required of students as well as an honors code that includes no drinking or gambling.

Lancaster Bible College
Lancaster, PA
Colors: White & Red
While their major focus is on theology, Lancaster Bible College offers many different types of degrees geared towards further study of the bible and religion. With everything from arts & sciences to Christian counseling and discipleship to doctorate degrees in ministry and divinity, those interested in working at a church will love to get their start here.

Lee University
Cleveland, TN
Colors: Navy Blue and Burgundy
Students are required to attend church services at this Christian university - 70% of services a month! The importance of religion is overshadowed here by their award-winning a capella choir, which has been featured on TV. 

Hope College
Holland, MI
Colors: Blue and Orange
Their small class size and beautiful campus are what draws most people to this school, but their dedication to religion is what makes them stay. Chapel services are more relaxed at Hope but are regularly full.

San Diego Christian College
Santee, CA
Colors: Navy Blue
Located in the suburbs of San Diego, this Christian College is affiliated with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. It is host to a Christian Heritage College and famed for their intense study of creationism.

Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA
Colors: White, Navy Blue, Red
Affiliated with the Christian church, Liberty University is one of the largest Christian universities in the world. With their online students, the population of learners enrolled in their classes surpasses 100,000.

Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, GA
Colors: White and Blue
With the motto "in all things Christ Preeminent," Covenant College provides liberal arts to its student body of just over 1,000 people with a focus on a reformed Christian look at academics. 

Trinity Christian College
Palos Heights, IL
Colors: Light and Navy Blue
With over 70 programs of study, this liberal arts school looks at education from a reform Christian perspective. Their small student population and rapidly growing campus make it a popular spot for Christian undergrads to study.

Bryan College
Dayton, TN
Colors: Red and Gold
Founded with the goal of creating a higher education that would teach from a Christian perspective, Bryan College was initially named William Jennings Bryan University after its founder. It has since been shortened and has a current student population of approximately 1500 total.

Arizona Christian College
Phoenix, AZ
Colors: Red and Yellow
This small liberal arts college that educated their 820 students originally with the intent to prepare them for the ministry. Now, they have expanded to include degrees such as political science and biology. Additionally, students who want to join their spiritual formation activities must have an established relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Did we miss any? Comment your Christian college alma maters below!

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