Top 6 Reasons Christmas is Awesome


Can’t get enough of Christmas? That’s understandable. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year—not a mindless cliché! Even though it’s a tough season for some people, Christians make that an occasion to bring light into darkness. Cheering people with kindness and generosity is the best part of any year. The following are six of many reasons Christmas is awesome.



Christmas parties can be outrageously fun. With the development of ugly Christmas sweater contests, there’s more to look forward to. Being with friends, revealing Secret Santas, trying to win the best white elephant gift, and just reveling in the joy of the giving season are things that make parties better at Christmas than at any other time.


2-Christmas Trees!

Setting up Christmas trees, covering them with lights, and hanging sentimental ornaments on them is a wonderful part of the season. Many among the wealthy now bid on gorgeous professionally decorated Christmas trees at charity events. That’s a perfect new trend, since it’s not unusual for folks in that set to opt for elegance rather than sentimentality. No matter what kind of tree you have, it gives the interior of any home a huge uplift.



There is so much to look forward to at Christmas. How thrilled will people be when they open their gifts—the very presents they said they wanted? You wonder, “Will I get what I really want for Christmas?” Will the dog love his canine Christmas gifts? Sometimes the thrill of the hunt for the ideal gift for someone is one of the best kinds of anticipation. If you’re lucky enough to have kids in the house, it’s fun just looking forward to seeing their excitement on Christmas morning.



Most people have their own beloved Christmas traditions. They make for the strongest, dearest childhood memories. Something as simple as making sugar cookies together can give everyone something to look forward to when reunited at Christmas. Reading scriptures or a story book together before going to bed on Christmas Eve can be the most precious ritual. One of the great things about traditions is that it’s never too late to start new ones.



There can be something especially magical about opening a Christmas stocking filled with precious treasures handpicked for you. As a person who grew up with the excitement of the season but just an orange and a walnut in my stocking each year, it was a thrill when, as an adult, I got my first gift-filled stocking. The mother of my boyfriend at the time presented me with the same type of stocking she gave her kids, and it gave me a whole new taste of the enchantment of the season.


6-Christmas Morning!

There is nothing in life like Christmas morning. The thrill that children have often lives on in the hearts of adults, no matter how old they get. Finding out if Santa really came and left something besides coal is the high point. Opening other special treasures is also extremely special, especially for people who rarely get extras throughout the year.  


Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

What’s your favorite part of Christmas? Setting up your nativity scene and focusing on the true meaning of Christmas throughout December? Opening presents? Giving to others in need? Whatever most fills you with joy, may it be yours for Christmas and throughout the coming year.

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