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7 Practical Reasons Children are Blessings

Pregnant women are sometimes thrilled to have a child on the way but sometimes not so much. It’s certainly not convenient to have life growing inside of you; ask any mother. The best thing to focus on during discouraging moments or months, depending on misery level, is the joy only children can bring. 

The One Word that Sums Up Christianity

There is actually a name that sums up the secret to life and eternity, and that name is Jesus. But what word is there that tells the whole story about Christianity? The most powerful word that may sum things up most perfectly is: “Believe.” 

Ministry Tips for Everyday Living

At the City of Houston, Texas, Christmas tree-lighting ceremony on Friday night, I got to be part of the ministry of a local Christian radio station. I was one among five people who “worked” the booth. People would come along and wait in line to spin a cool wheel for a Free Prize! Of course, everyone loves a free prize. Well, I got to interact with fellow Houstonians for three full hours, and it was wonderful.